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) The college dictionary is a key tool for any student.Encarta dictionary is an online wide scope of entry words and precise and full definitions.If you have further information about the link (e.g.a new location where the information can be found) please let us know.Plus Great Minds--2,000 astronomers, Nobel laureates, scientists, and others that changed the world.Exclusive--Britannica Brain Stormer An interactive way to understand relationships between ideas, subjects, and people.have information we can use to flesh out or correct this record let us know. A "college dictionary" (also known as "collegiate dictionary") is a dictionary adjusted especially for college students.The Encarta Dictionary (online college dictionary) is a great free resource for people with an advanced level of English. should contain the words and phrases a college student is likely to encounter in his studies, and shouldn't go into old and out-of-use A good college dictionary should include over 200,000 word It should also be compact enough to be carried around rather (Compare this to a 20 volume full sized dictionary!

dia Britannica Online 6-month membership-- value! Dual Platform Windows/Mac compatible 90-day money back guarantee *NPD Group/NPD Tech World, January 2007--March 2008. dia Britannica is the world's most famous, most accurate, and most authoritative source of reliable reference information, a position it has proudly held since 1768.When you are surfing on internet, you often get across unknown words and phrases.The advantage of this tool, is that you do not need to open another application.More Rich Multimedia Your discoveries come to life with images, videos, and audio clips.New--Merriam-Webster Translation Dictionary English to Spanish and Spanish to English World Atlas New--Britannica Biographies More than 2,000 biographies covering influential World Leaders from 2930 BC to the present day.

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